All resources are mobilized to combat the spread of COVID-19: MOI

Apr 07, 2020

To contain the spread of COVID-19, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) has mobilised all its resources and taken all necessary measures to ensure that the public adhere to the safety guidelines.

Lt. Col. Nayef bin Faleh Al Thani, the Director of Al Fazaa said that people are facing an exceptional situation and we have to stand firm to prevent the spread of the virus with utmost preventive measures. 


The departments concerned of MoI are working to ensure the adherence of the people to safety guidelines, and are following up on the implementation of decisions of relevant authorities regarding the precautionary measures.


Al Fazaa Police have fully activated their capabilities, while the officers and individuals have been trained to deal with any situation related to the coronavirus. In order to ensure the safety of the people all over the country, the number of patrols operating in the field has been increased. 


They are protecting all quarantine sites identified by the Ministry of Public Health to receive COVID-19 confirmed or suspected cases. These sites are fully secured to reduce the spread of the virus. 


They also have the task of securing the closed parts of the Industrial Area 24 hours, and patrols are deployed in all areas of the country to monitor compliance with the instructions issued by the competent authorities about not to gather in public places and in Majlis, and to close the shops covered by the closure decision.


Lt. Col. Nayef Al Thani clarified that officers and police at the Al Fazaa are aware of the dangers they face in the field. The patrols are not confined to following up the procedures and decisions issued by the relevant authorities, but it also contributes to public awareness by providing direct advice and guidance to the public and deals firmly with anyone who violates relevant decisions that require quarantine whether in State-defined health facilities or in home quarantine. 


In order to implement these precautionary measures, the Al Fazaa Police have deployed checkpoints throughout the country.


The Director of the Al Najda Police Department said there is complete cooperation between the Department and Hamad Medical Corporation and all the field organisations, as the patrols are the first to respond to all reports. The patrol operation in the current crisis has not affected the department’s main duties of keeping security and order in the society. He praised the strong response of citizens and residents to all the guidelines and advice for the protection against the spread of the virus and added that society’s contribution in fighting coronavirus is the best way to get rid of this virus.


Lt. Col. Jabr Ali Al Kubaisi, Assistant Director of Patrol and Traffic Investigation Department of the General Directorate of Traffic, noted that since the beginning of the crisis, the Patrol Department has provided round-the-clock support to all relevant departments of the Ministry of Interior such as the Al Fazaa, the Capital Security Department and security departments in external areas and the Establishments and Authorities Security Department.


Efforts to secure street and road traffic, advice and guidance to vehicle drivers were consolidated through the official-specified follow-up and inspection points, with the purpose of educating road users to stay in their homes to maintain their safety and support the State’s efforts in confronting this global pandemic.