Awqaf lists the mosques reopening in phase 1

Jun 11, 2020

The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs has issued the list of mosques which are going to reopen in phase one (June 15).

“Please note the mosques that will reopen in phase one as they are suitable to comply with the current health preventive measures due to the location, space available and density of population in the surrounding areas of these mosques, the Ministry has twitted.

The list includes 494 mosques listing number and location of mosques. Nine mosques were decided to reopen in Aslata Al Jadeeha, eight mosques in Abu Hamour, 12 mosques in Azghawa, six mosques in Umm Sanim, 19 mosques in Umm Salal, four mosques in Bu Sidra, 13 mosques in Bani Hajar.

The full list in Arabic is available here

As per the preventive measures, the worshipers should make ablution at home before going to mosque because the bathrooms and ablution place of the mosques will be closed.

The worshipers are asked to not go to the mosques earlier because the mosques will open only with prayer calls (Azan). They should not crowd inside the mosque and maintain a distance of two meters from others.

The worshipers should avoid shaking hands even if they wear gloves and they should cover mouth and nose while sneezing and coughing. They should show the Ehteraz application before entering the mosques.

The worshipers should bring their own prayer mat and not share with others or leave it in the mosque. They should wear face masks as long as they are in the mosques. The worshipers should bring their own copy of holy Quran and do not share with others or read on mobile phone.