Dec 07, 2020 by Doha International Family Institute

QF member to examine the fundamental elements that shape a stable marriage


The changing social and economic climates have shifted cultural views of marriage over the years, redefining roles and the scope of responsibilities. Despite these constant shifts, the marriage institution remains integral to strong and healthy societies, and thus, protecting it is vital.

Doha International Family Institute (DIFI), a member of Qatar Foundation (QF), will explore the fundamental components of marital formation and stability in its International Conference titled, ‘Marriage: Formation and Constituents of Stability’, taking place from February 23-25, 2021,

The conference shall convene policymakers, social scientists, researchers, and representatives from civil society and non-governmental organizations worldwide on a digital platform to examine marriage in the Arab world by looking at the cultural, social, economic, and political commonalities and differences.

Dr. Sharifa Noman Al Emadi, Executive Director of DIFI, said: “Creating communities that support and protect the integrity of marital relations is imperative for the growth and wellbeing of both the current and future generations. In this upcoming international conference, we will bridge the gap between research, policy, and practice by providing an open platform to discuss and debate the marriage institution, one of DIFI’s strategic priorities.”

As a global policy and advocacy organization, DIFI acknowledges the importance of accommodating youth’s voice in policy conversations, given that today’s decisions affect their future. Carrying this conviction through its international conference, DIFI organized a series of youth group discussions in Morocco, Jordan, and Qatar, in cooperation with regional partners, namely the National Institute of Social Work in Morocco, the National Council for Family Affairs in Jordan, and Qatar Debate – a member of QF – in Qatar. These discussions provided the youth in the region with a platform to express their views on marriage and its challenges.

The sessions were moderated by social scientists and experts. Sessions focused on the economic and social factors affecting marriage, and the impact of technology and social media on marital relations. The open and focused engagement provided an overview of the participants’ convictions about marriage, and factors that might engender a better marital relation for them in the future. The findings are to be presented the day before the conference, representing the region’s youth in the conversation.


DIFI will also explore various crucial conditions that affect marital relations by organizing three online workshops that are to take place before the conference convenes, to discuss topics such as: ‘Marital Relationships and Mental and Behavioral Health Disorders’ and ‘Pre-marital Education’, held in partnership with the League of Arab States and convened by the Behavioral Health Care Center (Daam) and the Family Consulting Center (WIFAQ). Another workshop on ‘Financial Responsibilities within Marriage’ will be conducted by the Qatar Association of Certified Public Accountants (QCPA).

The DIFI International Conference 2021 aligns with QF efforts to foster healthy, educated societies, underpinned by strong cohesive families in Qatar and the region.


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