Fifty One East hosts a fascinating trunk show for Naja Saade

Jun 09, 2022 by BCW Global

Doha, Qatar - June 8, 2022: Fifty One East, Qatar’s favourite department store, hosted a dazzling two-day trunk show featuring exquisite pieces by Naja Saade as part of the designer’s latest Spring Summer 2022 Couture collection entitled “The Dancing Soul”.
The trunk show which took place on June 7 and 8 at Fifty One East and the Bridal Lounge at Lagoona Mall, showcased the collection’s captivating pieces, in the presence of the designer and VIP clientele.
In his new collection, Saade embodies the art of dancing where he transcribes the inciting and captivating movements that reflect each woman’s emotions. The collection is made of 32 dresses, each with a sophisticated dance of its own, a choreography of different movements, waves and ruffles, generous textures and various forms and patterns. A wide spectrum of colors ranging from pistachio, light blue, beige rosé, lilac and greige to black, white and red highlights the rhythmic flow of this collection. The fine embroideries of pearls, crystals and sequins braided in a rococo style accentuate the motion the designer wants to portray. The collection also included jumpsuits and dresses of all shapes and cuts, asymmetrical metallic belts and ruffled boleros.
Commenting on the trunk show, Saade said: “I’m proud to showcase my latest collection once again at Fifty One East, the place that truly reflects the essence of my designs. This partnership reaffirms our common values and mission to offer our clientele exceptional creations. The collection showcased in the trunk show is dear to my heart as it embodies the art of dancing and truly celebrates every woman’s emotions.”

“I am really privileged to reconnect with our loyal clients here in Doha. The Qatari woman is truly inspirational. She knows what fits her best and appreciates craftsmanship and art,” he added.
After obtaining a diploma in Radiology, Saade endeavored to realize his dream, took the first step and entered the school of fashion design in Beirut where he had the opportunity to shape his talent, closely monitored by some of the most well-known fashion designers in the Middle East. He has shown a distinguished capacity of mixing the classic style with modern inspiration.
Thanks to his astonishing craftsmanship and creativity as well as his talent which defies the norms, Saade has managed to leave his mark on today’s fashion scene while making his dreams come true.