Honoring our Heroes Campaign Launch - University of Calgary in Qatar says THANK YOU to Nurses with an Original Video Tribute

Mar 03, 2021 by University Of Calgary

The University of Calgary in Qatar (UCQ) has produced and exclusively launched their original “Honoring Our Heroes” campaign on Qatar National Television’s Social Distancing program on March 1st, 2021. The unique video and anthem pays tribute to nurses and showcases their leadership and commitment, while highlighting their compassionate spirit and integral role in our healthcare systems.

The anthem campaign was fully produced  in Qatar using a selection of world class partners and amazing local talent. The video conveys a unifying message, appreciating the valiant work of nurses and all medical staff in keep our community safe, especially within this last year. Qatar has showcased incredible resilience in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and the University of Calgary in Qatar partnered with local entities to produce this project and show their appreciation for the unwavering efforts of nurses.

Dr. Deborah White, Dean of the University of Calgary in Qatar stated, “We are extremely proud of the “Honoring Our Heroes” campaign as it highlights the crucial roles nurses play on a daily basis to care for their patients. As a university that is dedicated to educating the future nursing workforce of Qatar, we wanted to create a special tribute to showcase our heartfelt appreciation to them and to inspire more of our community to pursue this noble career.” Further to that, Dr. White added, “This video tribute is a dedication to all of the hardworking individuals in the health sector, both here in Qatar and the rest of the world, for all their incredible contributions in keeping our societies healthy and safe.”

The musical anthem was recorded by Katara Studios, one of the world’s leading audio-visual facilities. The song was brought to life by an array of talented local singers; the English version was sung as a duet by Fares Dehbi and Fabella Bel, while the Arabic was performed as a solo by Qatari artist Ahmed Abdulrahim. Local-based production agency Storyteller House were the co-creators and filmmakers behind the video.

Qatari singer Ahmed Abdulrahim commented “I am proud to be a part of this campaign as it presented me with an opportunity to showcase my gratitude to all the nurses who have been fighting on the frontlines of this pandemic. The song focuses on the element of unity between nurses and their patients, and how hand in hand we can overcome all obstacles.”

The reactions towards the campaign have been praiseworthy and have garnered major traction across social media. The University of Calgary in Qatar is proud of the campaign as it helped shine a much needed spotlight on nurses, who have proven to be vital in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The tribute aimed to showcase the importance and value of nurses to the healthcare sector and to inspire a new generation of our very own nursing heroes. A  dedicated website (heroes.ucalgary.edu.qa) has been created to support the campaign and offers potential students and the public a platform to access information and creative footage pertaining to the tribute and the university. The campaign includes a social media singing challenge where the public can post video covers of the song and tag the university and duet singer, Fares Al Dehbi, who is also promoting the song among his 1.1 million TikTok followers. 


Established in 2007, the University of Calgary in Qatar is the only Canadian university in Qatar and the country’s exclusive provider of bachelors degrees in nursing. Accredited in Canada and adapted to the local culture, the University’s curriculum provides its nursing students with the knowledge and expertise to become fully integrated nursing leaders in Qatar’s healthcare sector.

The University of Calgary in Qatar offers a four-year Bachelor of Nursing degree program for qualified high school graduates. Applications to UCQ’s program are open to Qatari nationals and residents of Qatar through April 1, 2021. More information about the nursing program, the admission processes and criteria, is available at www.ucalgary.edu.qa.


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