Innovation Meets Convenience - SkipCash and Foodak Partner to Resolve Customer Payment Challenges

May 29, 2021 by bcw-global

In a grand step, SkipCash and Foodak have entered into a strategic partnership to offer customers a new electronic payment on delivery solution that keeps them safe, and simultaneously solves the obstacles of traditional payment methods.

While SkipCash is the national player in mobile electronic transactions, Foodak offers a uniquely captivating online food ordering experience. Both companies are local to Qatar, and this partnership is a direct testament to their dedication and expertise in serving Qatar’s diverse customer base.  

A first of its kind in Qatar, Foodak and SkipCash’s partnership brings tremendous value to customers and delivery drivers, offering them a contactless mobile payment method that is fast, secure, and safe. With SkipCash, customers can save all their credit cards on the app and pay for their order on delivery by simply scanning their driver’s QR code without paying any extra fees. Customers will no longer have to hunt down cash or worry about getting change, they will also be able to show their appreciation to the drivers by tipping them through SkipCash.  

According to Mohammed Abdulaziz AlDelaimi, Founder & Managing Director of SkipCash, "Digital transactions are today's most convenient payment trend. Businesses are rapidly adopting contactless payment technologies to help keep both customers and staff safe from the Coronavirus. SkipCash and Foodak’s partnership will bring all the advantages of contactless payments to Qatar’s delivery landscape.”

He added, "Enabling contactless payments is a crucial step to Qatar's economic growth and success. Giving customers the confidence to spend will provide shops, restaurants, and other retailers a much-needed boost in these difficult times."

Foodak’s Managing Director, Anthony Awkar, relayed his excitement for the collaboration, "We are ecstatic to announce this partnership with SkipCash which enables our customers to pay for their orders safely and confidently. Contactless payment methods are an essential part of Foodak’s strict Covid-19 precautions, as ensuring the health of our customers and employees is a top priority at Foodak.”

Foodak has revolutionized the delivery industry and continues to raise industry benchmarks while spearheading creative and innovative features. This new partnership comes in line with SkipCash’s vision to become the best mobile payment solution for Qatar's customers, positioning SkipCash to be a trailblazer in helping Qatar secure its place as a regional Fintech hub.

With dedication and innovation at the forefront, SkipCash and Foodak work tirelessly to ensure that Qatar’s customers reap the benefits of the best technology has to offer. The new mobile payment technology is a prime example of this.