Ministry to continue COVID-19 Community Survey; encourages to respond if invited

May 09, 2020

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) will continue the community survey based on COVID-19, which aims to better understand the transmission of the virus and thus adapt the response of stakeholders, said in a statement yesterday.  

The Ministry recently launched a community survey to learn more about how the virus is transmitted within the community and gain more understanding of cases of infection that do not show symptoms of the disease.

Initially, the Ministry invited participants to complete a questionnaire at drive through survey centers. Also some 2500 people who received an invitation to participate in the community questionnaire were tested for COVID-19 at swabbing hubs at three health centers for two days last week.  

“This questionnaire is expected to continue during the coming period, and the Ministry encourages people who receive an invitation to respond and participate in this initiative in order to contribute to the national efforts to combat the virus and to understand more about the epidemiology of transmission of infection between members of society,” said the Ministry yesterday.

The temporary drive-through swabbing hubs were operated in collaboration with the Primary Health Care Corporation, Hamad Medical Corporation’s Ambulance Service, laboratories and Qatar University.

The Ministry has also clarified that participants of the survey will be randomly selected based on age, gender and ethnicity and participation is entirely voluntary.