Qatar announces three-phase plan to gradually bring students back to schools

Jul 24, 2020

With schools in Qatar set to reopen in September, Qatar's Ministry of Education and Higher Education has announced a three-phased plan to gradually bring students back to the classrooms in both private and government schools as well as kindergartens.
First phase

This phase phase will run from September 1 to 3. During this period, only one-third of the students will attend classes on each day to ensure social distancing. The students who attend class on Day 1 are not required to go to schools on the second and third days.
The aim of this phase is to make students, teachers and parents adapt to the new in-school arrangement and welcome new students to the schools. No lessons will be taught in this phase.
The schools and kindergartens are required to notify parents and students which group of students is attending school each day.
This phase will also see teachers educating students the precautionary procedures they have to adhere to in classrooms and on buses and providing them an overview of the distance education programme.
Second phase

This phase is spread over two weeks — from September 6 to 12 and from September 13 to 17. This phase also marks the actual start of the school day with lessons being taught to students.
Only 50 percent of the students will go to schools and kindergartens in each week. When the first half is at school, the other half will continue learning the lessons online.
The goal of this phase is to continue experimenting with distance education for a short period to prepare the student, their parents and schools, in the event of an emergency.
The schools will continue to educate students, parents, and the teaching and administrative staff of the school about health precautionary measures inside the school, according to the requirements of the Health and Safety Department of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

Third phase

The third phase starts on September 20 and will see schools operating at 100 percent capacity.

Students and required to pack lunch and snacks and schools cafe will not remain open.