Qatar National Library Hosts Session on Education in the Metaverse

Mar 03, 2022 by QNL

Doha, Qatar – 3 March 2022 – Qatar National Library will host a webinar, “Education in Metaverse,” on 6 March 2022. The session will offer young adults and teachers a chance to learn more about this new digital world and will shed light on how this space is expanding to include one of the most essential fields: education.


The metaverse is revolutionizing the online world, slowly evolving into a shared and connected virtual world where people can work, shop, connect, play and create in immersive 3D spaces. This new digital space is a major computing platform incorporating augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D avatars. Trailblazing this new frontier is Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who recently rebranded Facebook to Meta, which triggered a new wave of interest in the metaverse.


The 90-minute online session will be conducted in Arabic and will discuss topics related to the metaverse and its impact, as well as how it can change our education landscape in the region and the world. Participants will learn how technologies such as the metaverse can help them with continuous learning and contribute to Qatar’s innovative business and social structure.


Commenting on the event, Ahmed Almalki, Head of the Young Adults’ Library at Qatar National Library, said: “As technology advances to bring us new immersive and imaginary worlds, how we educate young people must also advance to meet these new opportunities. The metaverse is an exciting digital world that is supposed to revolutionize the world. It is also the next iteration of the internet that will forever change the way we interact with each other online. This session will aim to provide a platform to educate and share knowledge with participants. Most importantly, it will help them stay safe in a world we can’t see.”


The Library continues to provide educational and informative sessions to promote the latest technologies and developments. To stay updated about these opportunities, please visit the Events page on the Library’s website (www.qnl.qa/en/events).