Qatar National Library Offers Children and Young Adults an Active and Engaging Summer

Jun 28, 2021 by QNL

Qatar National Library promises to offer its members a fun-filled summer break with activities that will attract children, young adults, and those interested in research and learning. Highlights of July include virtual summer camp activities for young adults, a guide to the open access fund, stories of Palestine and a journey to Jerusalem.

On 3 July, the Library will kick off its second “Virtual Young Adults Summer Camp,” which will offer exciting online activities including, “Basic Web Development for Young Adults” on 3 July, “How to Write Your Personal Diary” on 5 July, “Basics of Pencil Drawing” on 7 July, “Geometry Day” on 10 July, “The Art of Storytelling” on 12 July and “Make Your Own Bag Using an Old T-shirt” on 14 July.

On 5 July, Sara Abusaada, Open Access Administrator at the Library, will introduce participants to the Library’s Open Access Author Fund and share ways in which authors in Qatar can benefit from the fund to publish open access articles. The session will also briefly outline the concept of open access and the assistance the Library provides for researchers in Qatar.

On 5 July, in continuation of the recurrent monthly program “Cup of Coffee,” Sara and Hajar Al-Hajri, body language specialists and authors of the book The World of Body Language, will discuss different ways of using body language to express oneself.

As part of the ongoing Doha Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021, Maxim Nasra, Book Conservation Specialist at the Library, will host a lecture on 6 July to talk about some of the most important spectroscopic techniques for conducting scientific and non-destructive analysis of heritage materials. The lecture will also include practical examples demonstrating the use of these techniques to preserve Islamic documentary heritage.

As Eid Al Adha approaches, Eid storytime sessions will continue throughout July. On 18 July, the Library will be narrating a fun story titled “Nabeel’s New Pants.” The story is about preparing new clothes for Eid and will be followed by a fun activity related to the topic.

On 19 July, the Library will conduct a special session on internet safety called “Basic Online Safety Skills for Young Adults” to educate young adults on ways to protect their online identity and accounts from threats.

On 27 July, participants will have the opportunity to join the Library to discuss the significant literature written about Palestine, focusing on novels and fiction. The program will shed light on influential authors who have written about Palestine and the Palestinian cause.

On 28 July, the Library will take attendees on “A Journey to Jerusalem Through Qatar National Library’s Collection” to explore this sacred city in Palestine and its treasures, history, culture, architecture and nature.

The Library will continue to offer fun and engaging events throughout July 2021. For a complete list of events, please visit the Events page on the Library’s website (www.qnl.qa/en/events).