Qatar National Library recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the National Library of Korea (NLK) to promote knowledge and learning through cultural exchanges and events.  

Both libraries will work together to enhance research projects for the wider communities that they serve. The collaboration includes the exchange of educational, research and publication materials, as well as knowledge and cultural exchange programs and event participation. The libraries will work on mutual areas of common interest, including scientific, technical and cultural cooperation. The MoU was signed between Dr. Kawari and Dr. Hye Ran Suh, Chief Executive at the NLK.

On the occasion, Dr. Hamad Bin Abdulaziz Al-Kawari, Minister of State, Qatar and President of Qatar National Library said, “Knowledge is for all, and the NLK is a knowledge treasure trove. The Library is on a mission to create positive influence through an exceptional environment for learning and discovery, and we are pleased to collaborate with the NLK to develop research projects that will enhance the knowledge of the wider communities. This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to provide our members with a comprehensive educational platform spanning countries and cultures. We believe the MoU reflects our common purpose of strengthening the knowledge systems in Qatar and Korea, thereby acting as a platform for the public to expand its collective knowledge.”

Dr. Hye Ran Suh, Chief Executive at the National Library of Korea further added, “I am very pleased to sign the MoU to strengthen the cooperation between the two libraries, in a time when the world is troubled by COVID-19. The main areas of cooperation include library field information, knowledge sharing, staff exchange, exchange of library materials and visits organized between Qatar National Library and the National Library of Korea. As the importance of online library services have increased due to the pandemic, we hope the two libraries will actively cooperate by sharing digital information resources and exchanging library information technologies.”

The Library continues to explore collaborations and partnerships with world libraries to provide people with a wide variety of informative and educational content easily accessible through its website. 

The National Library of Korea, founded in 1945, is a comprehensive repository of intellectual and informational resources of the Republic of Korea. The library has an extensive collection of domestic publications and digital materials.