Qatar National Library Teaches Valuable Life Skills in November

Oct 27, 2020 by QNL

November is a month full of exciting events and learning at the Library, with deep dives into an astronomical phenomenon, the power of readiness and digital addiction

Qatar National Library is offering a series of intriguing events for inquisitive, ingenious minds in November.

On 2 November, the Library will run a special workshop, “Fear and Its Impact on Mental Health,” in collaboration with Dr. Hanan Hassan Eissa Abd al-Thaher. The effects of fear and stressful emotions on mental and physical health will be outlined in detail, as well as effective techniques to maintain mental health in a world full of stress and uncertainty.

On 3 November, parents are invited to teach their children valuable life skills from the comfort of their homes. This free interactive and engaging online session has been developed specifically for children ages 8 to 11 with special needs. Every session is packed with engaging content and calming tools to help children build confidence and resilience and develop a growth mindset in an interactive, serious and fun way.

The session will be run by UK-based Role Models online life skills courses for children. On 17 November, the Library will run another session with Role Models, “Brilliant Me and My Feelings,” which will further help parents teach children valuable life skills.

Also on 5 November, the Library will run the latest edition of the Young Adults Film Club for those who wonder how movies look from the other side of the camera. Attendees will learn how to watch movies from a filmmaker’s perspective.

On 9 November, the Library will run a special session on digital addiction, in partnership with HBKU and the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The event will discuss the concept of digital addiction, the role of digital media design in facilitating it, and futuristic tools and policies to combat addiction. Digital addiction is defined as problematic use of digital media characterized by obsessive, excessive and hasty behavior, leading to harm for individuals and their social circles.

On 10 November, discover more about the Red Planet with the Library, in cooperation with Al-Thuraya Planetarium. The phenomenon of Mars' closest approach to Earth took place in October, and will not be repeated until 2035. This special lecture will explain the astrophysics behind this amazing event and shed light on why it occurred.

On 26 November, join the Library on Instagram Live for a workshop on the power of readiness, presented by Dr. Amal Al-Otaibi, member of the Training Authority of the College of Basic Education, the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training at Kuwait University. The lecture will identify the concept of readiness and the importance of being prepared for all eventualities.

On 26 November also, join the Library for “Enrichment Reading” to help support and enhance children’s Arabic language learning skills, in cooperation with Little Thinking Minds. Parents and educators will get a clearer understanding of the concept of enrichment reading and how to implement it in the classroom or at home. The online lecture will be conducted by educator and academic consultant Ghadeer Hatabeh.

On 28 November, join the Library for the seventh in a series of readings from rare historical manuscripts preserved in the Heritage Library. Mahmoud Zaki, the Library's manuscript specialist, will examine several texts by Arab and Muslim scholars about plagues and pandemics. Each will focus on the human commonalities between the past and the present, and preventive measures that were used at the time.

Finally, on 30 November, patrons can have a cup of virtual coffee with Aisha Al Kuwari, owner and CEO of Roza Publishing. She will discuss reading in the age of technology and the role of Roza in fostering a culture of reading.

For more information on all of the events taking place in November, keep an eye on the Library’s website and social media channels for the latest.


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