QIB Employees Take Part in Beach Cleaning Drive

Sep 21, 2022 by Qanect

Doha, Qatar - September 17, 2022: Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB), Qatar’s leading digital bank, has organized a beach cleaning initiative on the occasion of the “International Coastal Cleanup Day” to raise awareness on the importance of a clean environment as part of its ongoing sustainability efforts.


The initiative, which was held at Al-Khor Beach in collaboration with the Ministry of Municipality, featured the participation of a number of the Bank’s staff and management to clean up the beach and help protect the environment from littering and pollution. 


The initiative was undertaken under the umbrella of QIB’s ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) program, which is focused on embedding the principles of sustainability into the Bank’s governance, decision making, and business operations. The program is driven by the viewpoint of bringing impactful change to the community and aims to be a role model in sustainability efforts in Qatar.


QIB’s ESG program integrates sustainability and environmental, social, and governance considerations at the core of the Bank’s operations. In line with this program, QIB developed a sustainability strategy, aligned with the objectives of the Qatar National Vision 2030 (QNV), the sustainability criteria mandated by the Qatar Stock Exchange, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. With these frameworks as a guide, important elements of the Bank’s strategy include how they can enhance consideration of sustainability criteria in their financing activities, continue to support local communities, and take initiatives that reduce environmental impact.


Mashaal Abdulaziz Al Derham, Assistant General Manager, Head of Corporate Communications & Quality Assurance at QIB said: “At QIB, we strive to be at the forefront of such important events that bring the community in Qatar together to create a positive impact on the environment. The International Coastal Cleanup Day is a great platform to help spread awareness of the importance of having a clean environment and alleviating the harmful effects of pollution on our coastal and urban areas and throughout the country for a better future for us all.”


She added: “We thank the Ministry of Municipality for their support and collaboration with us in organizing this initiative, and we look forward to participating in more community-led campaigns and initiatives to bring a positive change to local communities across Qatar.”


The International Coastal Cleanup Day, celebrated annually in September, came into existence more than 30 years ago. It was founded by Linda Maraniss and Kathy O’Hara, both of whom worked at the Ocean Conservancy, a nonprofit environmental agency that specializes in formulating resolutions and policies at federal and governmental levels, as a promise to bring cleanliness and purity to nature as a whole and raise awareness about the growing pollution on various beaches of the world.


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