Chiva-Som’s flagship in the Middle East prioritises sustainability to enrich lives of today and the generations of tomorrow

Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som, Qatar’s largest wellness destination and the first and only full-immersion resort in the Middle East, was recently awarded LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver Certification. As a globally recognised symbol of conservational achievement and leadership, the certification embodies the resorts social responsibility commitment towards sustainability in Qatar.

LEED recognises the best-in-class building strategies and practices in green building and provides a framework for healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green buildings. With Qatar becoming one of the fastest-growing destinations in the upcoming years, Zulal Wellness Resort, will place Qatar as the largest wellness destination in the region and aims to position itself as one the leading sustainable resorts in the Middle East.

Commenting on the occasion, Daniele Vastolo, General Manager of Zulal Wellness Resort, said: “Achieving LEED Silver certification is a crucial milestone for us at Zulal Wellness Resort. From inception, our goal was to advance sustainability and interest around holistic living.

Achieving this certification is more than implementing sustainable practices, it also strongly reaffirms our commitment of inspiring positive and enduring lifestyle changes and contributing towards building a healthier society.”

Set in an exclusive coastal location, Zulal Wellness Resort provides a calm surrounding in harmony with nature. To minimise the project’s impact on its pristine location, several strategies were considered during the design and construction stages in conjunction with master developers, Msherieb Properties. These include plans of minimising the environmental impact of construction with an erosion and sedimentation control plan, minimising the impact of vehicular use pollution, reducing the Heat Island Effect, limiting disruption of natural hydrology and eliminating pollution from stormwater runoff. 

“In line with Chiva-Som’s mission of creating total life enrichment through all-encapsulating experiences, we have placed the utmost importance on maintaining our integrity and social responsibility to the environment. Receiving LEED Silver certification was a paramount goal for the development of Zulal Wellness Resort and vital step in ensuring that environmentally-conscious practices across key sustainability metrics are applied and maintained,” said Ziad Ibrahim, Director of Engineering at Zulal Wellness Resort

Zulal Wellness Resort also aims to achieve an overall 40 percent reduction in water use through water-efficient fixtures in all project components. Developing a sewage treatment package unit for efficient water landscaping, and utilizing treated wastewater for the irrigation of over 50 native and adaptive plant species, enhancing biodiversity and ecological value of the landscape.

Among their unique initiatives for sustainability, the resort features artificial seawater lagoons. Treated by ozone generators and UV disinfection lamps, making the lagoons chemical-free and creating an eco-friendly swimming experience for guests. 


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