Earldom Airpods with Wireless Charging
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1. Latest Bluetooth 5.0 version and fits well in the ear. Thanks to the latest Bluetooth version, they also have a huge range!

2. These earphones are the newest model that are now available and are a lot smaller so that they easily fall into the ear.

3. In addition, they are easy to connect with each other and with your mobile, PC and Mac.

4. The earphones can be charged in the box in which they can also be stored. The box can also be charged at home and then functions as a kind of power bank, so that you can simply charge it somewhere else without power if needed.

5. There is also a handy storage cover with which you can not lose your ears!

6. With these wireless earbuds you will not be bothered by wires.

7. Listening to music or having a conversation, it's all possible.

8. The earbuds have a beautiful sound and are easy to charge with the included adapter.

9. Compatible with: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android devices. In short, everything that supports Bluetooth headset.

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