Foldable Vanity Mirror

55 QAR




1. The mirror is made from distortion-less glass that is encircled by 10 bright white Led's on each side, providing clear, crisp reflections enhanced by warm light.

2. LED light-illuminated - Use our mirror wherever, whenever. The LED bulbs are ultra-bright and lasts indefinitely.

3. Double Sided - No mirror is complete with a magnified side. The secondary mirror features a whopping 10x magnification to get detailed work done, and the anterior side has an accurate 1x magnification for general purposes.

4. The mirror extends to a full of 13 inch high, yet folds to about the size of a portable dvd player for convenient storage. 5. LEDs are rated for 30,000 hours. Energy saving led lights consume up to 70% less electricity than regular bulbs.

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