“Alaraby 2”, revealed today, the 18th of September, the new program grid that will broadcast from the new headquarters in Lusail City, Qatar, under the slogan Alwan El Hayat (Colors of Life). Through the new season, the channel aims to drive positive engagement with its viewers.

“Alaraby 2” TV presents a variety of entertainment and cultural programs that provide unique content and bring together the Arab family, while reflecting its traditions, lifestyle and conveying the Arab cultures’ richness and diversity.

New seasons of “Tarab” and “Maqamat”

New seasons of viewers’ most loved and popular programs are what make this new grid special. For the fourth season, Lebanese artist Marwan Khoury will be hosting all new episodes of “Tarab with Marwan”, every Thursday at 22:00 Al Quds Time (19:00 GMT). Khoury will be hosting Arab celebrities to speak about their artistic journey and other topics related to their music.

For the third season “Maqamat”, hosted by Rashid Ghulam, will air every Sunday at 22:00 Al Quds Time (19:00 GMT). Ghulam will be hosting talents from across the Arab world to highlight Arabic music and revive its heritage.

Various new program bundles

Among the list of new programs, “Mutun and Hawamesh” program will air every Saturday at 21:00 Al Quds Time (18:00 GMT). The program aims to host a number of intellectuals, academics, specialists in literature, theatre, and arts.

“Arab Beats” will air every Monday at 20:00 Al Quds Time (17:00 GMT), presenting a contemporary artistic production. The program will introduce and host different Arab underground artists to speak about their experiences.

On “Nakhet Balady”, the host will join Arab families to prepare and discover the origins of traditional dishes. The program will air every Wednesday at 20:00 Al Quds Time (17:00 GMT) and will dedicate every episode to showcasing the dishes and food associated to different Arab cities.

Every Thursday at 20:00 Al Quds Time (17:00 GMT), viewers can watch “Wasat El Balad” – a program that narrates from different Arab cities. It will tour the old downtown areas of the cities to explore their history, buildings and founders through speaking with their residents and visitors.

Another new addition to the grid will be the “Laha El Kalema” program. that will be airing every Tuesday at 22:00 A Quds Time (19:00 GMT). This show highlighted talented Arab women that have excelled in their fields and became role models to hold prestigious positions in the community.

“Ashab El Reyada” will air every Wednesday at 22:00 Al Quds Time (19:00 GMT), and present younger viewers with all they need to know about entrepreneurship. The program will highlight the basics of starting a business from the idea to the market and feasibility study ending with product marketing.


‘Sabah Al Nour” and “Difaf”- daily

The daily live programs on Alaraby 2 include a morning and evening shows. The daily shows will feature the cultural Arab scene and the lives of Arab citizens and expatriates.

“Sabah El Nour” will start at 11:00 Al Quds Time (8:00 GMT) and present a variety of segments ranging from music, cinema, sports, historical events, daily news, top trends on social media and live cooking from around the world.

“Difaf”, the live evening program, will present the latest cultural and art activities from the Arab world, and beyond. The program will host writers, critics, cultural observers, musicians, films and theater producers. ‘Difaf’ will air from Sunday to Thursday at 19:00 Al Quds Time (16:00 GMT).

Weekly feature films and documentaries

“Alaraby 2” is dedicating a weekly space for recognized feature films and documentaries that have gained attention at prominent films festivals. The programs will also feature cinematic and artistic experiences of different backgrounds while also touching on critical topics.

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“Al Araby 2” is a multi-platform entertainment and cultural channel broadcasting from Lusail City, Qatar. The channel offers Arab audiences a range of programs ranging from music, art, society, comedy, drama, and films and documentaries to suit the diversity of backgrounds and tastes throughout the Arab world.