AVA Opens its Doors at Doha Festival City

Apr 01, 2021 by Qanect

BiancaNera Group one of the leading multinational retail companies in the fashion industry with more than 25 branches in the Gulf region and neighboring Arab countries has added a new Boutique to their existing family in Qatar.

AVA following the footsteps of its flourishing predecessors Hera & Aura, has opened its doors at Doha Festival city on the Ground Floor level in the VIP area.

YES! it’s a retail store that caters glamour outfits that fit any occasion, DAY & NIGHT!

Wait, you may be wondering who AVA is...

She's a radiant, beautiful and joyful woman. AVA is the ultimate  definition of a modern chic. She's also an encourager and is an advocate in empowering other individuals through her own  little ways.

AVA's designs are slightly different from the previous BIANCA NERA brands, still exuding glamorous factor but with an edgier twist that is up to par with the fashion forward market that attracts a wider  range of customers.

AVA is introducing for the first time in the market a huge line of casual outfits in collaboration with the renowned brand GIZIA, a selective and amazing collection for Ramadan 2021 and a huge line of ready to wear dresses designed by worldwide international fashion designers!

It is a fun brand that does not only fulfill your needs but empowers you through its own little ways, from its stationery to its packaging, making every customer look good & feel good.

So.. What are you waiting for! We invite you to come & visit Ava’s boutique at Doha Festival City to experience the glamorous fashion!