Fifty One East Announces the Debut of Cork by Padel Club in Qatar

Oct 23, 2021 by bcw-global

Fifty One East, Qatar’s favorite department store, has recently celebrated in an exclusive event the launch of Cork by Padel Club, the Portuguese manufacturers of high-performance rackets and padel accessories, in Qatar.

The event was held at Fifty One East, Lagoona Mall, and was attended by Mr. Pedro Neto, Cork by Padel Club’s Director of Sales for the Middle East, VIP guests, members of the press, as well as padel enthusiasts and players.

As one of the newer and fastest-growing rackets sports in the world, Padel is rapidly becoming one of Qatar’s most popular sports. In its aim to cater to its discerning customers’ lifestyles and hobbies, Fifty One East welcomes Cork by Padel Club as the latest addition to its portfolio that encompasses a wide range of the most coveted global and regional brands.

Cork by Padel Club was founded in 2014 by Nicolau Silva, a dental prosthetics maker, and Pedro Plantier, the founding member of the Portuguese Padel Federation and the first national champion of the sport. Together, they established one of the most unique and exclusive padel rackets brands, distinguished by its distinctive design, singular texture, and the quality and strength of the products used in its manufacturing.

Initially, the idea started from a passion for the restoration of padel rackets. Later, both founders began a long and successful journey producing a high-performance product with premium ultra-durable materials and patented with an exclusive anti-vibration technology that allows players to control the game like never before. The rackets at Cork by Padel Club are exclusive and one of a kind, therefore, no two rackets are alike. Each racket is handmade and handled with care and quality craftsmanship.

Today, Cork by Padel Club is present in 28 countries worldwide, including the recent brand debut in Qatar at Fifty One East. The brand offers a wide range of padel specialized equipment, including rackets, women's and men’s sportswear, leather bags, padel bags, and other accessories.