FIRST TIME IN GCC: IS Clinical launches latest Hollywood most-loved facial, Fire & Ice Facial, at W Doha on October 7th!

Oct 14, 2019 by IS Clinical

W Doha experienced a night of Fire & Ice at Bliss Spa as IS Clinical launched their latest facial. With an event bringing the innovation of this facial to the frontier for all attendees to see, the event made a powerful impact that left the crowd aware of the several benefits of this new facial. The attendees of the event included media and influencers from across Qatar.
The renowned Fire & Ice Facial, being launched by Leader Healthcare Group, is an intensive botanical resurfacing treatment with a unique combination of pharmaceutical grade serums & complexes to optimize & improve skin. The treatment takes pride in refining, rejuvenating, and resurfacing the skin with a brief, and sometimes event nonexistent, down time making it suitable for all types of skin and ages, and it is even safe for pregnant ladies, lactating mothers, and even cancer patients. Two professional masques as well as other innovative IS Clinical products are used within this treatment.
The intensive resurfacing masque, one of the masques within the Fire & Ice Facial, produces an even and intensive exfoliation through its ingredients which include sugar cane, citrus and apple, giving It a warming and aromatic feel. On the other hand, the rejuvenating masque provides hydration and antioxidant protection, giving the experience a cooling and refreshing feel. This masque includes moisturizing hyaluronic acid and extracts of aloe, rosemary, and peppermint.
These two masques are only elements within the facial launched by IS Clinical, who provide a wide range of other products that include the age defying Genexc serum, the wrinkle ridding Super Serum Advance+ and much more. As a company being widely endorsed by Hollywood celebrities, they are sure to provide the finest of products, which are becoming the #1 choice for dermatologists, plastic surgeons and medical spas around the globe.
The distributor of Fire & Ice facial, Leader Healthcare Group, has a distribution portfolio of global brands dedicated to patient outcomes and quality of life, and they are the exclusive distributors of IS Clinical products in Middle East & India.
The unique Fire & Ice treatment was introduced to the event attendees with thorough details, providing them with enough motivation to try it. The even concluded with the handing of gift bags that included an assortment of useful items.
The facial is now available to all visitors of Bliss Spa at W Doha.
For further media inquiries, kindly contact: Marketing@leaderhealthcaregroup.com


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