GE discusses global trends in healthcare and the energy transition at Bloomberg Qatar Economic Forum

Jul 01, 2021 by bcw-global

As part of the global Bloomberg Qatar Economic Forum, GE joined critical discussions around the future of healthcare and energy with top influencers, policymakers and business executives. Underlining GE’s strong commitment to Qatar, two top executives from GE Healthcare and GE Renewable Energy contributed meaningful insights to roundtable discussions focused on the digitization of healthcare in a post-pandemic world and achieving reliability in renewable energy. Both sessions showcased GE’s capabilities and alignment to Qatar’s sustainable development goals.

In ‘Preparing for the Future: IoT’s Role in Future Health Emergencies,’ Prof. Dr. Mathias Goyen, Chief Medical Officer – EMEA for GE Healthcare said the four trends defining the industry today are: greater acceptance of and requests for eConsultations and virtual interactions, faster decision-making, acceptance of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled solutions, and the need for unique solutions to handle critical care load. “Our vision for the future is Precision Health, where we use the latest technologies such as AI and Additive, with data from across our portfolio, to create insights for more individualized patient care. Done right, and done at scale, Precision Health delivers on healthcare’s triple aim: better quality, at lower cost, and with access for millions more people.” You can view the panel session here.

Danielle Merfeld, VP and Global Chief Technology Officer at GE Renewable Energy addressed a panel on ‘Next Steps in Sustainability: Achieving Reliability in Renewable Energy.’ She highlighted how GE can support Qatar’s decarbonization efforts, stating, “The decarbonization of our power sector relies on renewable energy, combined with gas power and advances in grid infrastructure. This enables an energy transition that delivers reliable electric service with increased energy demand, while also meeting the urgent challenge posed by climate change.”

She mentioned the priorities for GE Renewable Energy are to build, service and maintain its existing fleet of renewable energy assets, reduce the cost of clean energy generation, and make it function more like traditional, ‘baseload’ power generation sources. We believe addressing the challenge with a systems view across wind, solar, storage, gas and grid will make the biggest difference in addressing the full energy trilemma – sustainability, affordability and reliability – decreasing emissions as quickly as possible.” You can view the panel session here.

GE’s participation in the event underpinned its position as a partner in Qatar’s quest for sustainable development. GE is a world leader in gas turbine fuel flexibility, including more than 75 gas turbines that have (or continue to) operate on fuels that contain hydrogen and have accumulated more than 6 million operating hours; GE can bring this capability to Qatar. A few years ago, GE launched its Smart Grid Lab, providing local access to leading global technology and training, and supporting the ongoing development of research and development. With a capacity of up to 500 individuals per year, the Lab provides training in the areas of cybersecurity; smart cities; integration of renewable energy; smart grid and more.

GE Healthcare has nearly 2500 technologies and solutions deployed in clinics and hospitals across Qatar. The award-winning Senographe PristinaTM mammography system, which was designed to help reduce the pain, discomfort, and anxiety of patients, was developed through the co-investment of of GE’s research laboratory and the Qatar Foundation, in the Qatar Science & Technology Park. 

GE is proud to be a committed partner to Qatar and will continue to work with the country on its vision for a sustainable future.