Mall of Qatar Celebrates its 4th anniversary and announce the winner of the first Grand Prize

Dec 14, 2020 by bcw-global

Mall of Qatar, Qatar's favorite destination for shopping, dining and entertainment, celebrated its fourth anniversary marking four years of great achievements. 

Since its launch in December 2016, Mall of Qatar has accomplished colossal success, cementing its position as one of the preferred destinations in Qatar and the region.

 "Four years ago, back on December 10, 2016, the journey of Mall of Qatar began and continued during all circumstances and challenges. We have achieved an astonishing success that positioned Mall of Qatar as one of the preferred destinations in the country for individuals and families," Said Emile Sarkis, General Manager, Mall of Qatar

Expressing his gratitude to the partners and tenants, Sarkis added, "Our close collaboration and common vision with partners were the main factors for accomplishing such success. We would like to reiterate that our customers are our main priority and we will continue to enhance their shopping experience to exceed their expectations”.

Marking this great occasion, Mall of Qatar organized a social media contest on December 10, giving its social media followers born on the same day a great chance to win valuable Mall of Qatar gift cards to enjoy an amazing shopping journey at the Nation’s Mall.

A raffle draw for the first Grand Prize was held in the Oasis stage as part of the "Pick & Choose" festival to mark the occasion, where Dr. Abu Baker Ibrahim Al Aeib won a luxury BMW 840i and Mr. Marlon Rilles Quines won a BMW X2 for the weekly raffle. In addition, ten winners won Mall of Qatar Gift cards that range between 1000 to 5000 Qatari Riyal. Out of 20 cars allocated for “Pick and Choose” festival, 11 cars were won while 9 cars are still waiting for new lucky winners. The next weekly draw will take place on Thursday December 17, and the second Grand Prize draw will take place on Qatar National Day on December 18. 

"On this special occasion, we are delighted to have the draw of a luxury BMW 8 series as the first Grand Prize to be added to the valuable weekly prizes. The second draw for the Grand Prize will be held on December 18 on Qatar National Day", Sarkis noted.

Since its launch in 2016, Mall of Qatar has continuously enhanced the shopping experience in Qatar to outstanding levels cementing the Mall's position as the Nation's Mall and the preferred?destination?in Qatar?and the region. It encompasses?more than?500 world-class retail, lifestyle, dining, entertainment, and leisure experiences in one genuinely great destination with sophistication and elegance.

Mall of Qatar, the Nation's Mall,?supports the strategic goals?of?the 2030?Qatar National Vision that aims to create a diversified economy by providing a?luxurious?tourist destination suited for the visitors of Qatar and the region at large.? 

The Mall contributes to diversifying the economy, backing economic development, and enhancing Qatar's image in the region as a center of excellence for high-end shopping.


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