Msheireb Museums launches documentation catalog for "When I Remember the Past" by the local artist Youssef Ahmed

Feb 04, 2021 by bcw-global

Msheireb Museums launched today the documentation book for "When I Remember the Past" Exhibition by Youssef Ahmed, currently taking place at Msheireb Museums.

The launch event was held at Mohammed Bin Jassem House, one of the four heritage houses of Msheireb Museums, and attended by the artist Youssef Ahmed, Dr. Hafez Ali Msheireb Museums Director, VIP Guests, and representatives of media.

The book includes the exhibition portraits in a unique design and illustrations. It also uses technology through a QR code that can be scanned by phone to enable readers to have an interactive experience and watch videos and installations. The book aims to document the exhibition and portraits artistically and professionally, Making it a reference resource for artists and researchers. It also documents a critical period of Qatar's history. The portraits describe Qatar's old neighborhood, such as Msheireb and Aljasra, and act as a visual reference for current and future generations.

 "When I Remember the past" exhibition by Youssef Ahmed is currently taking place at Msheireb Museums. It includes 34 paintings prepared through a whole year. The exhibition also displays some of the artist's experiments, such as producing colors from Palm leaves, dust, and sand, thus enhancing this local art identity

Dr. Hafez Ali, Msheireb Museums Director, said: "We are proud of our artist Youssef Ahmed and his valuable portraits and happy to host his exhibition at Msheireb Museums. Today, we launch this book that documents the exhibition and paintings to act as an important reference for artists and researchers. This is part of our mission in preserving our heritage in a professional and modern way, through using advanced technology to enable readers to have an immersive interactive experience and watch videos and images".

Qatari artist Youssef Ahmed said: “I thank Msheireb Museums and Qatar Art Center for their support in presenting the exhibition and the book. I also appreciate the collaboration with the poet Marzouq Bashir, as we complemented each other in reaffirming the meaning of the word through paintings and visuals. I believe this is one of the most successful exhibitions in my career, as it was capable of interpreting words through paintings to the audience”.

Youssef Ahmed is one of the most prominent Qatari artists in documenting the progress of Qatari art. He represented Qatar in several international events and exhibitions. Thanks to his contribution in supporting the art movement in Qatar and the Arab world, his biography was documented by Mathaf: Arab Museums of modern art encyclopedia as one of 44 Arab leaders in modern arts.

Msheireb Museums continues its mission in supporting emerging and established talents in Qatar, preserving the national heritage for the current and future generations, contributing to Qatar's cultural development and heritage.


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