Parents' decision on mode of education will be final for first semester

Sep 17, 2020

Adviser to the Minister of Education and Higher Education, Mohamad Al Bashri, has said that the choice of parents to continue with either blended learning or distance learning for their children will be final until the end of the first semester for the academic year 2020-21.

“For example, if a parent has chosen blended learning for his child so they will be obligated to continue with this way of learning to the end of first semester,” said Mohamad Al Bashri who is also holding the position of Director of Public Relation and Communication Department while talking to a Qatar TV programme yesterday.

He said that there are many facilities required to be provided for school in collaboration with other state agencies like teachers, technicians, administrators transport and those related to the Ministry of Public Health. “Therefore, it is necessary for parents to make final decision in choosing one of the two ways of learning,” he added.

He said that the decision of giving choice to parents aims at satisfying all segments of the community as they know better about their children and situation of homes which will help them in taking right decision for their children.

Speaking about the process of blended learning in school, he said that employees of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education contributed greatly and H E Minister of Education and Higher Education in person supervised in selecting most competent teachers to making video lessons to ensure best practice.

“COVID-19 surprised us, we went through exceptional situation. However, we produced 2,600 lessons in a record time in cooperation with state agencies notably Qatar Media Corporation (QMC) which provided two television channels for broadcasting the lessons in addition to 19 YouTube channels which attracted millions of viewers,” said Al Bashri. He said that the blended learning system received huge response and it was successful even during the examination.

Regarding the strategy of the Ministry in tackle the infection of coronavirus in schools, he said that there is full cooperation between the unified operation rooms at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and the Ministry of Public Health to monitor the situation related to the pandemic. “As per the protocol, every school has nurse and isolation room which will contact to the parent in case of detecting any case of infection given that the teaching in classroom, section or school will be suspended for a time-being as per the protocol in place.”