PUBG mobile and Julien Fournié debut new fashion line at Paris Haute Couture Week

Feb 10, 2022 by Hill and Knowlton Strategies

Today PUBG MOBILE, one of the world’s most popular mobile games, continues its partnership with Julien Fournié and his eponymous Haute Couture fashion house through a ground breaking blend of physical and virtual design. The visionary designer has unveiled two outfits and props on stage during the Paris Haute Couture Week 2022SS that will be available to players in PUBG MOBILE.

The Julien Fournié FIRST LOVE Collection marks the first time that players will be able to own a piece of in-game high fashion part of the Paris Haute Couture shows featuring one Silhouette for Man, one Silhouette for Woman, which are all available in game now!


Inspired by his love of video games and virtual worlds, and created exclusively for the PUBG MOBILE, Julien Fournié’s vibrant new designs “are a dream come true”, says the French Haute Couture designer. “Going from dream to reality has always been my

goal. Infusing my aesthetics into the virtual universe and bringing designs imagined for the virtual world to life in the real one is what we need today to re-enchant humanity.”


Julien Fournié is a French designer known for his work in Haute Couture, a fashion discipline which focuses on exclusivity, authenticity, creativity, innovation and traditional craftsmanship. Eschewing the modern trends of ready-to-wear fast fashion, Julien Fournié and Haute Couture create bespoke, unique pieces which embrace the extraordinary beauty of French fashion. A sign of ultimate luxury, Haute Couture is a term protected by law in France, with only 16 brands able to legally bear this label. This new FIRST LOVE collection marks the continuation of Julien Fournié’s partnership with PUBG MOBILE, which began in July 2021, however this is the first time these outfits will debut in a physical fashion show.


In a merging of the physical and virtual worlds, for the first time Julien Fournié’s real-world designs will be available to players exclusively in PUBG MOBILE, bringing video games and Haute Couture closer than ever before. Beginning today, Silhouette Man, Silhouette Woman, the FIRST LOVE Parachute and FIRST LOVE Grenade are all now available for PUBG MOBILE players to acquire, use and enjoy.

“It has been a great joy for me to create these silhouettes in our Haute Couture workshop especially for PUBG MOBILE, and to collaborate with this great team to make them in 3D so that players can use them in this incredible game. I am so proud about the Haute Couture outfit made for PUBG MOBILE that I have decided to wear the male silhouette myself in the movie we have co-produced together. At the side of my favourite top model, Michaela Tomanova, I consider it a key step to make our two PUBG MOBILE outfits enter the realm of Haute Couture as the highlight of this collection. “Said by Julien Fournié.

The film will debut from January 25, 2022 at 15:30 CET on Julien Fournié website and on the FHCM website.


PUBG MOBILE is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.