Qatar Duty Free launches the first Samsonite store in the Middle East Duty Free

Mar 16, 2022 by Ogilvy

Doha, Qatar - 15 March, 2022 : Qatar Duty Free has entered into an agreement with Samsonite to launch its first Duty Free store in the Middle East. The Samsonite store will be the ideal destination for travelers looking to experience the unique products of the leading brand while transiting or departing Hamad International Airport, which is currently on the throne of the world's airports. Samsonite, the world's largest travel luggage company, is known for its premium line of bags and travel accessories. 

The store offers the latest range of sustainable Samsonite products, in addition to allowing passengers to personalize their favorite purchases by embossing their initials on a number of Samsonite products they purchase.

Mr. Thabet Musleh, Vice President of Operations at Qatar Duty Free, said: “We are pleased to enter into this partnership with Samsonite to open its first Duty Free store in the Middle East at our hub at Hamad International Airport. We at Qatar Duty Free are constantly striving to provide the best products and services to our customers to enhance their travel experience, as well as expand Qatar Duty Free’s offerings by forging new partnerships with world-famous brands and offering innovative and memorable experiences to our customers.”

Shaheen Jameel, Head of Business for the Middle East, East Africa, CIS and SAARC, commented: “We are delighted to collaborate with Qatar Duty Free to launch the first Samsonite store in the Middle East Duty Free, allowing travelers to experience our flagship products and brand. . This is the first time we are launching a store in partnership with a Middle East Duty Free and we are pleased to offer our customers our best selection of sustainable products and the latest regular products in Qatar Duty Free.”

Qatar’s Hamad International Airport, in partnership with Qatar Duty Free, continues its pioneering path of providing exclusive shopping, hospitality and lifestyle experiences that meet the aspirations of millions of visitors – and provides a unique opportunity for brands and companies to connect with an already global audience. Ongoing expansion projects at Hamad International Airport will enhance the multi-dimensional offering of the five-star airport by integrating the art collections area with green spaces as well as hosting larger spaces and introducing unique concepts for shopping, dining, and other entertainment facilities under the roof of a building One.

And as the official airport for the FIFA World Cup  Qatar 2022™, Hamad International Airport is preparing to provide exclusive and unforgettable experiences for football fans from all over the world by hosting the best stores and ensuring ease of movement and communication through the airport. As Qatar prepares to welcome thousands of visitors during the FIFA World Cup  , Qatar 2022™, Hamad International Airport is preparing to enhance its capacity to receive more than 58 million passengers annually.