Doha, Qatar - January 30, 2022 : Qatar National Library continued its “Our Children Matter” series today with a session on main gross and fine motor development, part of a larger focus on childhood education and health.


The virtual workshop, conducted by Zeina Chamoun, Occupational Therapist from The Learning Center at Qatar Foundation, discussed the key milestones for motor and sensory development in children ages 2 to 5. In upcoming sessions, Chamoun will share helpful tips and strategies on how parents can reinforce this development in daily tasks. During the interactive lectures, parents will also be able to share their experiences and learn from each other. The online series, which will be in Arabic, is primarily for families, caregivers and educators.


On the occasion, Maram Al Mahmoud, Head of the Children’s Library at Qatar National Library, said, “We are looking forward to hosting this session as we understand the importance of supporting parents and educators, enabling them to potentiate their child’s motor and sensory development. Developing parental knowledge and skills at an early stage helps enlighten parents on how they can manage their children’s motor and sensory development while improving their overall wellbeing.”


The “Our Children Matter” series is part of the Library’s educational services that facilitate lifelong learning. By supporting children’s education and health in their foundational years, the Library is helping to ensure the wellbeing of the next generation. Throughout the year, the Library offers events for children, young adults, parents and educators that support and empower them with tools and knowledge.


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