QF’s QCDC and Qatar University conclude career skills development program

Mar 16, 2022 by BLJ Worldwide

Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC), a member of Qatar Foundation, concluded its Career Skills Development Program that was offered in collaboration with Qatar University’s Honors program, to support and equip students with the necessary skills to plan for their career journeys.


Throughout the program, that was attended by hundreds of participants, students learned how to identify their academic and career objectives to achieve success on both personal and professional levels.


Employability skills and their importance in helping graduates build a successful career were a major focus of the program which featured elaborate discussions on how to acquire and develop these skills.


The sessions also touched upon job searching tools and skills, such as writing a resume and a cover letter. Students also received training on how to successfully prepare for and navigate a job interview.


Dr. Hamda Al Naimi, Senior Career Development Specialist, QCDC, said: "Our duty is to help students identify their educational and career goals, and to support them in achieving those objectives by providing appropriate guidance. And this is exactly what QCDC achieved through this program, which enabled us to expand our reach to help an increasing number of students gain a clear understanding of career development, and the importance of developing a strategic plan in this regard.”


She added that participating students left the program with a clear understanding of their interests and values, the career opportunities available to them, and the importance of putting together a strategic plan for their professional development.


“Through such programs, QCDC seeks to enable youth to achieve a smooth and successful transition to the labor market, and to efficiently manage their careers through lifelong learning and interaction with a network of professionals who can support their development and growth,” she said.


By the time the program concluded, students had been able to identify the skills they needed to develop and showcase to potential employers, and learned how to expand their networks to access new employment opportunities that align with their skills to propel their career forward and contribute to Qatar’s sustainable development and knowledge-based economy in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030.