QIB Introduces Corporate Online Account Opening Through QIB Website

Mar 11, 2022 by Qanect

Doha, Qatar – 9 March 2022: Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB), Qatar’s leading digital bank, has announced the launch of a service which simplifies the opening of new accounts for Corporate and SMEs.


The new Online Corporate Account Opening service is the latest result of QIB’s continuous investment in technology as part of its digital transformation strategy to enable 24/7 access to all its customers. The service eases the process of opening a corporate account, with the bank taking the initiative to digitize the full account opening process.


Through this simple and new digital service, the applicant company can now access the digital account opening form, whereby their representative can fill the full form digitally, following a simple step by step approach, upload all the required documents, and submit it to QIB. QIB Team will then verify if the application is complete and meets all the requirements, after which the representative will be notified that the form has been approved and they may go with the company’s shareholders to the corporate branch and approach the digital account opening service desk to sign the original documents to complete the process in few minutes.


The new service was created to minimize the time and simplify of the corporate account opening process in Qatar’s banking sector, while catering for all compliance and regulatory requirements. The new service will allow customers to fulfill all these requirements, as well as all the latest regulatory and compliance requirements pertaining to knowing the Ultimate Beneficiary Owner (UBO), FATCA, CRS and KYC, all from the comfort of their desks without a need for multiple branch visits.


Mr. Tarek Fawzi, QIB’s Wholesale Banking Group General Manager, said: “The Corporate Account opening process has always been a rather lengthy and intricate process. We are happy to offer our corporate customers the convenience that they can open an account with us quickly and easily online.”


“Our bank is committed to driving digitization and innovation in the banking sector and continuously creating advanced products, services, and solutions which allows our customers increased flexibility & convenience with a better service, that improves their overall banking experience.”


The new Online Corporate Account Opening application can be found on QIB Public website or directly accessed through the link https://corpaccount.qib.com.qa/ and available in both languages Arabic and English. For more of our products, services, and solutions, or any inquiries, please visit our website at www.qib.com.qa