Snoonu Completes its Charitable Al-Quds Campaign in partnership with Qatar Red Crescent

May 20, 2021 by Qanect

Between May 11th and May 18th, Snoonu contributed 1 QR from each order on the Snoonu App to Qatar Red Crescent Al Quds programme to support hospitals in Jerusalem.

Doha-based e-commerce startup, Snoonu, is pleased to announce that it completed its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative in collaboration with Qatar Red Crescent (QRC), hosted from 11th to the 18th of May to support building hospitals in Jerusalem, as part of QRC’s Al-Quds humanitarian campaign.

Through this initiative, Snoonu aims to improve access to healthcare for Palestinians and raise awareness about illegal humanitarian violations, forced expulsion and other oppressive practices endured by the Palestinian people.

Co-founder and CEO of Snoonu, Hamad Al Hajri commented saying: “As the violence and injustice towards the civil population in Palestine escalated, Snoonu has chosen to act. Committed to serving the community and driving positive change across the region, Snoonu has launched this initiative to help the cause close to the hearts of all Arabic and Islamic communities, while supporting Qatar Red Crescent humanitarian action whose selfless work in Palestine brings immense relief to the Palestinian people. As we are completing the programme, we would like to encourage everyone to keep helping this cause, as we firmly believe that collaborative efforts can make a real difference in people’s lives”.

Commenting on QRC’s cooperation with Snoonu, Mohammed Al Marri, Director of Communication and Public Relations from QRC said: “We are pleased to see local businesses supporting such an important cause and encouraging others in the market to participate and help in lifting even a little misery from our Palestinian brothers. This valuable contribution from Snoonu holds more than just a monetary aid, but it also considered as a form of moral support, highlight what is happening in Palestine and increase awareness toward the oppression and violations that are happening in occupied Palestine.”

QRC-led Al Quds programme aims at supporting a variety of health projects, providing medical equipment, vehicles, and necessary tools, as well as improving access to healthcare on Palestinian territories. Other companies in Qatar, including ‘Ministry of Coffee’, ‘Poco Loco’ restaurant, “Alsawfa Medical Center” and “Al Jazeera Medical Care Center” also joined this QRC initiative.

The donation was made exclusively by Snoonu, while customers continued to pay regular costs, and the merchants kept receiving the entirety of their revenues. Snoonu’s charity initiative comes as part of its commitment to the community, and to supporting and empowering vulnerable societies from across the globe where Snoonu has donated 1 QR from each order on its App to help Al Makasseed hospital in Jerusalem.

Snoonu is Qatar's home-grown success story that aims to be the first local Unicorn company. With over 100,000 users, Snoonu plans to expand and diversify its offering by adding new features and services to its platform, with a goal to enter international markets, including the Middle East.

Engaged in building a resilient economy in Qatar, Snoonu continues to support its merchants with lower commissions, supporting them in the difficult context of the pandemic and offering a seamless online shopping experience to keep the community safe.