Feb 01, 2021 by Qatar Foundation

QF entity hosts workshop in preparation for upcoming international conference

Doha International Family Institute (DIFI), in partnership with the Behavioral Healthcare Center (Daam) in Doha, organized a workshop today, titled Marital Relationships and Mental and Behavioral Health Disorders.

The workshop, targeting psychologists and social specialists, was presented by Dr. Mamoun Mobayed, Consultant Psychiatrist and Director of the Treatment and Rehabilitation Department, Daam. The discussion covered a wide range of topics related to mental and behavioral health within marital relationships. 

Dr. Mobayed pointed out the importance of discussing such topics, explaining that "a healthy society encourages its members to form a sound healthy family, as it is the cornerstone of society.”

“Families face internal and external challenges, which can be a spouse or both spouses suffering from psychological and behavioral disorders. This workshop focused on discussing this topic to identify early intervention measures to save and preserve marriage,” Dr. Mobayed added.

The workshop delved into behavioral and psychological disorders affecting marriages, including the different forms and types of mental and behavioral health disorders, their impact, the importance of early detection, diagnosis, intervention, and the ways to deal with them within the marital institution.

The workshop held in preparation for the next international conference organized by DIFI, a member of the Qatar Foundation (QF), in partnership with the League of Arab States, which is taking place from February 23-25, and titled Marriage: Formation and Constituents of Stability. Through a group of top researchers, policymakers, specialists, and youth, the conference seeks to explore the main elements of marital stability.

Dr. Sharifa Noaman Al Emadi, Executive Director of DIFI, said: "Holding such events is at the core of DIFI’s mission. DIFI believes in the importance of mental health in building a healthy family."

She further explained that this workshop, which directly targeted psychologists and social specialists in the Arab world, will "train them and develop their capabilities and knowledge in these issues to prepare them to deal with families or couples in the future."

The DIFI International Conference 2021 aligns with QF efforts to foster healthy, educated societies, underpinned by strong cohesive families in Qatar and the region.


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