Doha Festival City Unveils its Exclusive Interactive Perceptual Art Pieces

Oct 05, 2020 by Qanect

A series of unique artistic installations are on display at the Mall for customers to view and create amazing memories through interacting with the art pieces

Doha Festival City, Qatar's one and only choice for shopping, dining and entertainment, launched a unique interactive Perceptual Art display, offering an amazing opportunity for visitors to create enjoyable memories by taking photos and interacting with the unique art pieces.

As part of its commitment to the Arts community in Doha, Doha Festival City continuously seeks new ways to engage with shoppers and to make each of their visits unique. The Perceptual Art pieces will provide visitors with a fun and engaging visual display to interact with.

The experience encompasses a large 3D sticker on the floor and hanging art pieces, which include a mystery quote for visitors to decipher. The quote is composed of 50 artistic hanging plates, 16x3.5 m each, visible from different angles and parts of the Centre court of the Mall. The quote, however, will be only legible through the hole of the famous Torus sculpture icon, creating a fun challenge for visitors to discover.

The concept of the perceptual art via hanging pieces was first developed by the artist Michael murphy. Doha festival City brings this avant-garde art form to Doha.

Commenting on the exclusive installation, Robert Hall, General Manager of Doha Festival City, emphasized: “Doha Festival City thrives by engaging with the guests and contributing to Doha’s Art community. The goal is to create memorable moments for all our visitors and to feature innovative artistic exhibits. We believe that the interactive Perceptual Art display will give a new breath to the Art community of Doha and captivate our visitors’ attention”.

The interactive Perceptual Art pieces will be accessible to absolutely every visitor, with no need to book and no queues — everyone can just come to Doha Festival City to wonder and take pictures! The unique interactive art display will be held at the Centre Court until October 13th.

Doha Festival City opening hours are Saturday to Wednesday from 10am to 10 pm, and Thursday to Friday from 10am to 11pm. Children of all ages are now allowed to enter the mall.

In line with the preventative measures set out by the authorities, Doha Festival City has introduced stringent health and safety measures throughout the mall for its staff and visitors. This includes a thorough mall disinfection treatment on a weekly basis, robust cleaning and sanitization operations during mall trading hours, 127 hand sanitizing stations installed in the areas that have commonly touched surfaces.

At the entrance to the mall and all shops, visitors must show their green Ehteraz QR code, and should wear a face mask during their whole time in the mall. Physical distancing stickers in common queuing areas, such as ATM machines, banks, telecommunication kiosks and branches and various retail shops were installed to help shoppers keep the required physical distance as set forth in the guidelines by the authorities. Stores will provide sanitizers on entry and at cash points to ensure the highest level of hygiene.


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