Mondrian Doha Announces the Appointment of Peter Haber as Commercial Director

Nov 14, 2021 by Qanect

Doha, Qatar - November 14, 2021: Mondrian Doha, is pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Haber in the position of Commercial Director. 

With his new appointment, Peter will lead Mondrian’s commercial department and sales operations, with a vision to enhance the hotel’s positioning in the market as a leading hospitality destination.

In his current position, Peter will also strive to increase the market share of Mondrian Doha, whilst introducing the property to key markets regionally and globally, namely in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain, as well as Australia and America.

Furthermore, Peter will be responsible for working to increase footfall and revenues across all aspects of Mondrian Doha. He will also work on forging relevant strategies across pricing, marketing, and public relations for Mondrian Doha. 

Vasileios Oikonomopoulos, Mondrian Doha General Manager, added: “I would like to congratulate Peter on his outstanding performance. I believe he will be a great addition to our Commercial team, and I look forward to having him thrive at the property and make further achievements.”

Mikel Ibrahim, Regional Vice President of Sales & Marketing, said: “Peter has been part of our Mondrian Doha family for four years, and we are delighted to witness his efforts being acknowledged and rewarded. We are looking forward to his exceptional contribution to achieving Mondrian Doha’s vision in Qatar and beyond”.

Peter Haber, newly appointed Commercial Director, Mondrian Doha, also said: “I am thrilled to continue on this incredible journey with Mondrian Doha, and to carry on with the success story which started four years back. I look forward to start working relentlessly on enhancing the Hotel’s positioning, as well as reaching out to new markets across the globe".

He received the prestigious Global Starwood Sales Incentive Trip Award, in recognition of being one of Starwood’s 20 best sellers in the EMEA region.


For further information about Mondrian Doha visit www.mondriandoha.com