Qatar Meteorology predicts hot weekend with strong winds

Jun 18, 2020

Weather this weekend will be very hot daytime with strong winds and blowing dust at some places and relatively hot by night, the Department of Meteorology said in its weekend report. 

Northwesterly wind at 12-25KT will be in some areas with temperature in the range of 37 degree celsius to 44 degree. 

The weather is expected to settle on Saturday with temperatures between 31 degree Celsius and 43 degree Celsius.  

Offshore, it will be slight dust, the report added, warning of strong wind and high sea.

Visibility will be 4 to 8/3 kilometers or less at places during daytime.

"Hot weather, 42 degree Celsius, recorded in Doha currently as northerly wind blows across the country. Please avoid direct sunlight," warned the department this afternoon (June 18). It added more precautionary measures including: 

  •     Wearing lightweight, light-coloured clothes to reflect sunlight
  •   Drinking plenty of fluids
  •   Not to leave children unattended in a vehicle
  •    Outdoor workers should take rest breaks in shade