"SkipCash", a Qatari company, offers innovative digital payment solution via mobile phone

Apr 06, 2021 by bcw-global

SkipCash offers an easy solution that is open to users replacing cash or bank cards

SkipCash, a mobile payment technology company, promotes innovative and contactless mobile payment solutions to provide one of the unique and safe payment services for both individuals and merchants.

SkipCash is the innovation of Qatari entrepreneur Mohamed Abdulaziz Al-Delaimi, who has a long experience in technology. He devised a product to meet the local fintech sector requirements and fill in digital payments gaps, decreasing the dependency on cash or even bank cards. In addition, SkipCash is the ideal contactless payment method during the pandemic and represents the perfect payment solution for individuals and merchants.

SkipCash was licensed by Qatar Financial Center In 2019, and approved by Qatar Central Bank, after which the team started the new platform driving it to win third place in the Third Edition of the Digital Incubation Center at the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The company introduced its flagship SkipCash application in two levels, for merchants and individual users, and launched its actual operation in December 2020 to be Qatar's leading mobile digital payment solution. "SkipCash seeks to make the most out of the significant technology revolution to provide consumers with an innovative range of unique digital payment services and multi-benefit programs. We are pleased to introduce this special service to the Qatari market, which has been developed by national skills to optimize our society and homeland and to keep pace with the prevailing global trends in this field," said MohamedAl-Delaimi, Founder and Managing Director for SkipCash . He added: "Due to its quality and ease of its service along with the high degree of security and privacy, SkipCash managed to position itself as a leading digital platform in the market. We built trust in a short period among a large number of partners and individuals who believed that SkipCash is the best solution to pay and gain a range of great benefits in one app". SkipCash application can be easily downloaded on mobiles through the Google Play Store or Apple Store on iOS. The application is user-friendly thanks to its perfectly designed platform. Besides, users can leverage from wide range of other services including track of all payments, check the latest promotions and discounts from various merchants, view their rewards, and identify the merchant's locations along with their products and services. Users can also link their bank card with SkipCash account and use it without adding a balance. Moreover, the app offers merchants several advantages such as reducing the operation cost as they will not need machines for payments, downloading the app for free and receiving their payments anywhere. Besides, they can collect and analyze data to promote and develop their business to meet consumer trends. SkipCash is an innovative digital platform that provides all contributors from merchants, individuals, and banks the opportunity to collaborate and enhance the way of payments through this digital platform.

Besides, SkipCash generates positive results on the Qatari economy, driving the digital cashless economy and provides pioneering solutions for contactless payment, especially during the current pandemic. Startups are the pillar of a countries economy, which are considered a great tool to improve overall performance, create jobs in the market and stimulate the economy.

Customers can now download the app on smartphones and enjoy contactless digital payment without the need for cash or bank card. SkipCash is currently available in more than 120 restaurants, Shops, Coffee shops, Sports clubs, Hotels, and even Transport services.

To download the application and for more info, please visit: www.skipcash.app